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Gaiole Village

Useful Local Notes:

​In order to help you make the most of your Chianti holiday, we shall progressively add more 'jotter' notes here, based on practical day to day experience.

Gaiole is a traditional village and still observes 'siesta', even in the winter.  Virtually all shops are closed between 12.30 and 4.00pm with small individual variations; something to be aware of on arrival.  Virtually all shops are closed on Sundays, although the Co-op opens on Sunday morning in the High Season.

Local Buses: post 'Monti austerity', there are only two regular bus services out of the village.  There are four buses a day to Siena, two very early 'worker' buses, lunch time, and evening.  There is a daily bus to Radda which trundles on through the villages towards Florence, but only in 'High Season'.

Trains: if you can get to Montevarchi (about 30mins by car), a train ride to Florence is by far the easiest way to go, and only around 6 euros each way.  Though be aware of a frustrating two hour 'gap' in service around 9.30-11.30; otherwise a very regular timetable to late evening.


Taxis: There is a private hire taxi service based in Gaiole operated by Michele (+39 335 564 7475).  We can help you arrange a pick up from Montevarchi if you want to visit using public transport.  Typical local fares:

•             Pick up from Montevarchi station to Gaiole, weekday & weekend                               € 40,00 one way

•             Trip to Siena for sight-seeing (no buses mid-morning), weekday & weekend         € 60,00 one way

•             Trip to Radda (for a change in scenery!), weekday & weekend                                    € 20,00 one way

•             Trip to (say) Lecchi, for cooking classes at Malborghetto, weekday & weekend      € 20,00 one way


Markets: Gaiole has a street market on the second Monday of every month (and there is a 'fresh fish' stall in the car park every Thursday).  Radda has a street market on the fourth Monday of every month from early afternoon through till evening.

Village Services and Facilities   (all 5-10 mins walk)

4 restaurants              3 cafe bars           2 delicatessens    1 wine bar

2 banks + ATMs           butchers               grocers                   Co-op supermarket

pharmacy                     bakers                  ironmongers           household goods

doctors                        dentist                   library                        art/photo gallery

tourist information      ceramics            take-away pizza     fashion/clothing

hairdressers                post office          wine tasting















Please support our local businesses whenever you can!



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