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Exclusive to Casacorvo!

EV Charging Point


New for 2018, and exclusive not only to Casacorvo, but we think the whole Gaiole comune, we are delighted to be able to offer electric and hybrid vehicle owners the capacity to charge their cars via two 16Kw Tesla 'Destination' charging points, exclusive to our private parking bays.  One charger is exclusive to Tesla vehicles, the other is a 'universal' type 2 adaptor receptive EV point.  Cost of charging is inclusive in the rental rate.


As Tesla owners and with every intention to occasionally drive down to Gaiole, we have decided to fit a 32amp charge point to deliver a respectable charge time for all vehicles.  It seems only logical for us to offer this facility to our clients.  The Tesla Model S and similar vehicles should be able to recharge at a rate in the region of 40-50 miles per hour. 




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