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Local Restaurants

Like anywhere else in the world, restaurants in the Gaiole Comune come and go; but as of Spring 2015 there were 16 restaurants and 2 cafe bars in the immediate locality, 6 in the town and 10 in the surrounding villages and hamlets.  The village restaurants are all within a 5-10 minute walk, and the outlying ones all within a 10 -20 minute car ride (or less than an hour on the bike!)  They range from simple pasta to special occasion fine dining.

Dining In and Snacks:

There there two delicatessens in Gaiole, the best in our opinion is Cosa Buone opposite the Co-op and serves hot virtually restaurant quality food, and usually has a choice of at least three main course dishes. 

There are also two cafes in the piazza, Bar Central and Buccone; both serve snacks. Bar Whiskey on the main road opposite Bar Jolly also serves pizza.


The pizza Take-Away just beyond Bar Jolly is excellent and cheap.  Our family think it is the best pizza they have ever tasted!


We can also offer you contacts for full in-house at home dining with traditional cuisine.



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