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Hiking around Gaiole

Gaiole offers you a great centre for hiking the Chianti Hills. Here are a series of walks you can tackle direct from Casacorvo.  There are laminated copies of these walks in the apartments.

A Walk to Radda. 

The Montegrossi Circuit. 

The Castagnoli Circuit.

Two Short Walks

The Comune has produced an excellent walking leaflet called 'Trekking Among the Castles'.  There should be a copy in the apartment, but if not it is available free at the Tourist Information Office, or you can just click on the map image, and scroll down to select your own routes maps to print download and print off.

It's also worth noting that the wild boar hunting season runs from late October to mid February.  We're not aware of any accidents at any time - but the dogs barking and the occasional gun shots can be a bit alarming!

Holiday Apartments in Chianti
Holiday Apartments in Chianti
Holiday Apartments in Chianti

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