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Self Catering Holidays in Tuscany

Casacorvo Minore Details

The link below will take you to our Apartment Handbook which provides full details of equipment, facilities, user information, Borgo amenities, utilities and local public services.

The Minore 2015 Handbook:


We have ample parking.  For unloading, pull into the Borgo 'street' and park under the archway to take out your luggage.  We have three parking spaces in the underground car park on the left hand side as you enter; bay numbers 3,4 and 5 either side of the lift well.  The blue plastic tab from the apartment keys operates the lift.

Keys:  We have a 'meet & greet service between 3.00 and 7.00pm.  If you arrive later (or earlier by agreement), we have a door frame key safe.  You'll be given the code, and it contains a single master key for entry.  Thereafter, you can use the apartment keys, all fully described in the handbook. Please return the master key to the key safe as soon as possible and scramble the code.

Fausto or Benedetta will visit you as early as practical to show you round and deal with any questions.

On arriving or leaving the apartments at any time, please be considerate of our neighbours; particularly if early or late.  This is particularly important in Maggiore, where at the lower level, only an internal wall separates you from our Minore guests.


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